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This year, we developed the poster and flyer on well-known platforms, with a standard and accessible font – Cambria of various sizes. So all you need is PowerPoint, and if you don’t have that tool, you can easily refine and localize the poster and flyer on the cloud.

Download the template in English and just translate the English words into your language. You can also add your organization’s logo.

Localized poster or flyer export in PDF format. You can use it for your needs, on your website or print it on A3/A5 paper. Please be sure to send a copy of the PDF poster/flyer to to be included in the poster collection by participating countries.

  • 15. 11.2021. Zoom
    “Music therapy in Europe” – The WFMT in collaboration with EMTC organizes a webinar on “Music therapy in Europe” to celebrate the 2021 European Music Therapy Day.
    The participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the development and the current status of the music therapy profession in the different countries as well as the experience of those countries where music therapy is already a recognized profession.
    Join us for this exciting event!


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Izrazi svoje osjećaje – službena izvedba; Mirta Romštajn

Izrazi svoje osjećaje – ETI Band AID (Youtube)


Izrazi svoje osjećaje!

Hrvatska udruga muzikoterapeuta

  • 13. 11. 2021. 17:00 – Radio Marija
    Muzikoterapija, prigodna emisija – Antonija Vukelić, Marija Fridl Grosicki i Renata Novoselec

    Radio emisija – dio (in Croatian only)

  • 14. 11. 2021. 16:00 – ETI Vinkovec / Zoom
    Central celebration /Središnje obilježavanje EMTD – HUM
    Druženje s muzikoterapeutima i edukantima muzikoterapije. Zanimljive teme i video prikazi kliničke prakse naših muzikoterapeuta. Broj mjesta na Zoom platformi je ograničen – potrebna je registracija.
    Hanging out with music therapists and music therapy students. Interesting topics and videos of the clinical practice of our music therapists. The number of places on the Zoom platform is limited – registration is required. 
  • 15. 11. 2021. 14:30 – Radio centar Poreč, 89,6 MHz
    Radio emisija o Europskom danu muzikoterapije ”Izrazi svoje osjećaje”; predstavljanje muzikoterapijskih radionica s učenicima osnovnih i srednjih škola u sklopu programa Zajedno protiv ovisnosti Zdravog grada Poreč-Parenzo – Dajana Miloš, muzikoterapeutkinja
  • 16. 11. 2021. 19:00 – Pop Up Art kino Samobor
    Muzikom upoznaj osjećaje, predavanje – Antonija Vukelić, muzikoterapeut,  Centar za odgoj i obrazovanje Lug Samoborski
  • 16. 11. 2021., 9:15 – HRT HTV1
    Dobro jutro Hrvatska, O muzikoterapiji – Ksenija Burić, dopredsjednica HUM
  • 18. 11. 2021., 16:00 – Radio Samobor
    Kap znanja, radio emisija – Antonija Vukelić, muzikoterapeutkinja

Lass Dich von Deinen Gefühlen bewegen!

Österreichische Berufsverband der MusiktherapeutInnen ÖBM

  • 15. 11. 2021. 18:00 – Graz at the Hauptplatz
    Make Music Therapy visible – FLASHMOB

Sdílet své emoce!

  • 15. 11. 2021., 15-16:30
    celebrate this special day – webinar 
Del dine følelser!

Jagagem tundeid!

  • 15. 11. 2021. – Rapla Teraapia Keskus (Rapla Therapy Center), Estonia.
    Free individual meetings “What is music therapy and how can it help?” during the whole day for students, parents, managers and interested people. –  Music therapist Siiri Viil. Booking an appointment:
Jaa tunteenliikkeesi! Suomen musiikkiterapiayhdistys
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Partage ton émotion! Fédération Française de Musicothérapie

Poster A3

EMTD Song – Evany Leonardy (YOUTUBE)

Student matters – music and humor to help dealing with Covid-19 restrictions – BWM X Institut of MT, Munich (YOUTUBE)

Lass Dich … improvisation Heidelberg (YOUTUBE)


Lass Dich von Deinen Gefühlen bewegen!

Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Musiktherapie

  • 8. – 12. 11. 2021. – Pro Seniore Residenz Hohenburg
    Klangwoche (15. 11.  Presentation)
  • 14. 11. 2021., 18:30 – Exploratorium Berlin-Kreuzberg, Mehringsdamm 55, Aufgang C
    Gemeinsames Improvisieren und Musizieren – Anja, Isabella, Lukas, Mark und Dörte von der Regionalvertretung BB der DMtG
  • 15. 11. 2021. 11:00 – radio, web:
    Radio-show “MDR Thueringen mit Haase und Waage” – Music Therapist Susan Müller
  • 15. 11. 2021. 13:00 – MSH Medical School Hamburg, Campus Arts and Social Change
    Musical Flash mob, European Music Therapy Day Song, joint improvisation  and exchange about music therapy – BA Music Therapy Students, BA Expressive Arts in Social Transformation and other students from different subjects,
  • 17. 11. 2021. 12:15 – Parkinsonzentrum Beelitz-Heilstätten
    Nur Spielen – nicht Reden! – Music Therapists Friederike Jenrich, Dr. Stefan Mainka
  • 18. 11. 2021., 18:30 – BDH-Klinik Greifswald; Karl-Liebknecht-Ring 26a; 17491 Greifswald
    Five different „workshops“ (music listening and drawing; singing together; experiencing vibro-acoustic stimulation; dancing/ moving to music; drumming) – Silja Molle (music therapist) and Teresa Heyn (remedial teacher)

Μοιράσου το δικό σου συναίσθημα!

  • 14. 11. 2021. 19:00-20:00 – online zoom platform
    Music and Emotion (lecture in Greek) – SONORA Organization for Music Therapy & Research 
    Registration link
  • 14. 11. 2021, 19:30-21:00 – online zoom platform
    Musical shelterWe take a break and take care of ourselves using music, voice, breath, colors and our imagination – “echo” Music Psychotherapy Center– Christina Kalliodi
    Registration link:
  • 15. 11. 2021, 10:30-11:30 – 10th Grade students, Highschool at Larissa
    The music therapy profession – Mitsi Akoyunoglou
  • 19. 11. 2021. – ΑΜΚΕ IASIS (An event for the medical staff of AMKE IASIS)
    Music Therapy in Mental HealthPresentation and workshop for the the medical staff. – Angels of Joy” and the music therapists Dimitris Koukourakis and Christina Kalliodi
  Poster A3                                              Flyer A5

Share your emotion!

Magyar Zeneterápiás Egyesület

  • 10. 11. 2021. 18:00 – Bertha Bulcsu Cultural Centre and Library, Balatongyörök, HUNGARY

    Travel on the Wings of Music, Relaxation Concert – Stéphane Colle, crystal instruments, handpan and koshi; Ágnes Kőhalmi, gongs, slinging bowls and vocals; Péter Frank, monochord; András Lovas, didgeridoo, hangdrum and vocals

  • 18. 11. 2021., 19.00 – Budapest Music Center, 1093. Budapest Mátyás utca 8.
    The connection between music therapy and performing arts will be the subject of the presentation given by Mr László TÓTH, the President of the Budapest Philharmonic Society (founded in 1853), as a guest of the next event at the Music Therapy Club in November.

Tjáum tilfinningar!

Físmús – Félag músíkmeðferðarfræðinga á Íslandi

Poster A3                                        Flyer A5


Condividi le tue emozioni!

Associazione Italiana professionisti della Musicoterapia

  • 8. 11. 2021. 17:30 – Auditorium “Nino Rota”, Bari
    Workshop and Concert – Who: Conservatorio di Musica “Niccolò Piccinni”, Bari with Prof. Adriana De Serio, AIM member  (PDF 222 kB)
  • 12. & 13. 11. 2021. – Casa Madonna dell’Uliveto Montericco di Albinea (Reggio nell’Emilia) online e in presenza
    Symposium: PER UNA BUONA ASSISTENZA: il valore della musicoterapia in Cure Palliative e l’esperienza dell’Hospice Casa Madonna dell’Uliveto. – Mariagrazia Baroni, AIM member and Hospice Casa Madonna dellUliveto  (PDF 948 kB) 
  • 13. 11. 2021. 9:30 – Lo Specchio Sonoro via Bramante da Urbino 15, 20832 Desio San Giorgio
    Emozioni in Musicoterapia – Pino Poclen, AIM member  cell. 3384417472 (PDF 177 kB)
  • 13. 11. 2021. 14:00 – c/o SFMT Oltre in via dei Marsi, 73 (Roma)
    OPEN DAY E AMMISSIONI a.a. 2022 Presentation of Training Program – Roberto Diana and Valter Dadone, AIM members
  • 16. 11. 2021. 14:30 – Sala Sozzi ‐ Palazzo del Ridotto , Cesena
    Medical Music Therapy –  Barbara Zanchi, AIM member 
  • 17. 11. 2021. 9:30 – Sala Dallapiccola ‐ Conservatorio, Cesena
    La musicoterapia nei contesti medico sanitari. Una prospettiva internazionale –  Barbara Zanchi, AIM member 
  • 17. 11. 2021. 16:00 – Palazzo Chiaia Napolitano, Università degli studi di Bari Aldo Moro, Bari
    Symposium and workshop-La musicoterapia tra dimensione espressiva, neuroscienze e intersoggettività – Giovanni Gelao, AIM member and Scuola di formazione in musicoterapia Stratos di Bari
  • 17. 11. 2021. 19:30 – Istituto di la Formazione e Ricerca per gli Educatori e  Psicoterapeuti), università Pontificia Salesiana, Roma
    Symposium: La musicoterapia come strumento di intervento / Presentation of the book: “La sinfonia delle relazioni” – Luigi Casiglio, AIM member
    E’ necessaria la prenotazione sul sito che da remoto (sulla pagina Facebook Ifrep 93 – Roma)
  • 22. 11. 2021., 18:00 – Auditorium “Nino Rota”, Bari
    Concert – Conservatorio di Musica “Niccolò Piccinni”, Bari with Prof. Adriana De Serio, AIM member

Dalies savās emocijās! Latvijas Mūzikas terapijas asociācija (LMta)

Share your emotion!

Gesellschaft fir Musiktherapie zu Lëtzebuerg (GML) a.s.b.l.

Poster A3


Gjenklang music festival, Bergen (Facebook)


Del dine følelser!

  • 18. 11. 2021. – The Innlandet Hospital
    Music cafe on November 18th. There will be a concert, with information regarding the music therapy and European Music Therapy Day. There will also be an open jam session on stage afterwards. – Music therapist: Adrian Wangberg Seberg.

Poster A3


Share your emotion (Google Drive)

Wyraź swoje emocje (YOUTUBE)

Podziel się swoimi emocjami!
  • 17. 11. 2021., 16:00 – Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław Lecture by Gabriela Tencza, workshop by Weronika Serwa Perfprmance of the song Share your (e)motion

Poster A3


A música começa… (YOUTUBE)


A música começa…

Associação Portuguesa de Musicoterapia



Poster A3                                         Flyer A5

Делись своими эмоциями! Ассоциация музыкальных психологов и психотерапевтов http://

Poster A3


Izrazi osećanja (YOUTUBE)

Изрази своја осећања!

Poster A3

Deli z menoj kaj čutiš (YOUTUBE)


Deli z menoj kar čutiš!

Poster A3


Asociación Valenciana de Musicoterapia
Izrazi svoje osjećaje (YOUTUBE)

Comparte tu emoción!
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