European Music
Therapy Day!

15th November 2022

EMTC presents:

Theme: Music begins …

15th November is European Music Therapy Day! Music therapists, the specialists in the field of music and health, will hold open house events and organise workshops. Special, heart-warming performances will take place. Some activities will be organised in the week before or after the 15th of November. See you!


Participating countries

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.

Are you organising an event within the context of the 9th European Music Therapy Day 2022?

Report the following information: when, where, who, what, address of venue and sign up (when applicable).

How to participate?

Join us!

How can you as a music therapist participate in the European Music Therapy Day on the 15th of November 2022?

  • First: think about the best way you’d like to present your work. Is it an ‘open house’ ? Do you want people to come in and have a look, or do you want to play together? Is it possible in your field of work that clients contribute to the event? And in what appropriate way can you organise this?
  • Try to find colleagues or friends (musicians?) to join in and make it a special happening.
  • All activities on or near the 15th of November can be considered as ‘music therapy day events’ (within a week before or after the 15th).
  • All activities have to be sent to your EMTC country representative before being mentioned on this website, just to be sure that activities were organised by music therapists.
  • You can find the address of your country representative on website
  • Make use of social media: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter (hashtags #musictherapyday#musicbegins and of course #musictherapy).
  • Get media exposure on (local) television and radio.
  • Connect a national celebrity or artist to make this day special.

Send in a very short film, a teaser for the day!

This year we would like to invite every country to send in (at least one) or more very short films (only 20 seconds!) as an advertisement for the day.

Send this film to
Don’t wait, you can start making this film right now. We will post the films on the website and spread them through Facebook.

If you want to “localize” and record your performance of this year’s EMTD Music begins (see right ->) and share it with us, your contribution will be, of course, longer than 20 seconds. We kindly ask you to post your video on Youtube and send us a link so that we can include it in this year’s collection of songs.

THEME SONG 'Music begins'

The theme song for the 9th European Music Therapy Day is ‘Music begins’.
Here you can download the Score of music with the lyrics in English.

Listen to our theme song here       Download MP3

What can you do with this song?

We hope that the song “Music begins” will be widely used as part of the EMTD celebrations.

The song consists of three parts, A, B and C. You can start with any part of the song, use all or just some parts and give your composition the form you like. It can be a two-part, three-part song, or in rondo form. The lyrics are meant to be in a free open form. Each and every client can express an idea and thought.

We hope that diversity in the way EDMT is celebrated will reflect the broad spectrum of applications of music therapy, as well as variety of needs at the receiving end. As always, the program will be presented either in the therapeutic setting, or to the wider audience, or both.

POSTER & FLYER 'Music begins'

This year, we developed the poster and flyer on well-known platforms, with a standard and accessible font – Cambria of various sizes. So all you need is PowerPoint, and if you don’t have that tool, you can easily refine and localize the poster and flyer on the cloud.

Download Powerpoint template:
poster A3 – PosterTemplateEN
flyer A5 – FlyerTemplateEN

Download the template in English and just translate the English words into your language. You can also add your organization’s logo.

Localized poster or flyer export in PDF format. You can use it for your needs, on your website or print it on A3/A5 paper. Please be sure to send a copy of the PDF poster/flyer to to be included in the poster collection by participating countries.

Please note that we will only accept contributions that are endorse by your country representative.

Here is a COLLECTION of contributions received so far.

Organizers of the European Music Therapy Day

The European Music Therapy Day is organised by the European Music Therapy Confederation (EMTC) in cooperation with Croatian Music Therapysts Association (HUM).